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Peyronies Disease Improved
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Peyronies Disease Improved

* - Testimonials are individual results. Your results may vary.

peyroniestestimonial2.png"I have suffered with Peyronies Disease for almost a yearand a half now and while nothing has seemed to really "cure me", through the use of the Serracor-NK product, my doctor and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my condition; a softening of the damaged tissue as well as the seeming ability for the said tissue to "reshape" during VED therapy. Needless to say, I am sold and wouldn't even consider continuing with my rehabilitation without the Serracor-NK product." *

~ Nik F


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Development after 7 months of Peyronies therapeutic treatment 4 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 15th Feb 2017

I have so taken the food supplement continuously for 7 months.
I have realized that there is an improvement in the curvature. I also get good erection when i exercise daily and when ever i failed to exercise the erection gets bad.
i will be 60 years old this year.
Thank you all!

Peyronies therapeutic bundles 4 Star Review

Posted by Joseph on 10th Oct 2016

i have just finished with the first product and on the second product.Like i said earlier the pains is totally gone.I am 59 years old and have noticed that when ever i exercise my body the erection becomes better at dawn but the curvature is still there hoping for improvement as i take the product

Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2016

To Brad Custer,
Life is wonderful and has been the last few yrs. Scar tissue support enzymes is the best for myself because I'm still very involved in all I love. Deep sea fishing, bowling, touring around and maintaining home repairs ie: up and down ladders, painting without becoming breathless. Not so many yrs ago. Visiting Respiratory Specialist informed me of my diagnosis and what was ahead of me! Research etc has certainly changed all that. Thank you.
Colin and Ronnie.

 Posted by Please put me as an "Unknown" on 9th Feb 2015

I first tried this product in December of 2013. It most definitely cleared up all of the scar tissue I had as a result of Peyronies Disease (PD), before I completed the two-month supply. Unfortunately, I ended up with more scar tissue after receiving a series of injections to assist with ED. After trying several different therapies and seeing a number of urologists with unsuccessful results, I decided to go back to this product since it was effective for me the first time.

01/11/2014 - 08:37 AM

My husband has been taking for scar tissue build up in his penis and the results has been amazing! the bend and erectile dystrophy has all but disappeared.*
Katherine L, TX

10/17/2013 - 09:04 PM
I have been using the Peyronies disease products for just two weeks and I am happy to say that I have already seen some change to the problem, and looking forward to more positive results!!!*
Christoforos M, Cyprus

Peyronies 2-12-2013
I have tried these products against my Peyronie´s. I ve tried them for 2 weeks and already ordering again. It seems to be worth the money for now. My pain has decresed a lot. Nice and smooth shipping to Sweden.*

S. Tamso

08/05/2012 - 09:34 AM

After taking these products for 6 months I have much less curvature and much less pain and look forward to more improvement as I continue . THANK YOU!*

John S, Australia

I have been using your bundled products since the second week of June and have noticed a significant improvement in my severe Peyronies. Excited to see further progress! Thanks!*

M. Todd Oxford, OH

I have started using the 3 recommended products for PD and after 3 weeks have noticed less pain and also much less curvature. The biggest surprise .... the vericose veins in my legs have dramatically decreased in size by 75% or more. Thank you for these products.*

John S.

Considerable improvement for my PD has been seen with just one bottle of 300 vegetarian capsules. I never thought this would happen without surgery.
I have the wasting variety of peyronies. It was so severe I was unable to penetrate my wife during intercourse. My urologist prescribed L-Arginine 5000mg for twice daily he also prescribed Vardenafil for intercourse. After using Serracor-NK and Serra-RX , 2 each twice a day, my peyronies is almost non-existent. I've checked for nodules and unable to feel them. Everything is almost as it was before peyronies onset. I will take another order of Serracor and Serra. I would tell any man who suffers from peyronies to try them. You'll not be disappointed.*


G. Vardakas

Began Seracor-NK and Serra RX two months ago for Peyronies. Curvaure has lessened and additionally I havehad an acorn sized nodule or ganglie on the underside of my wrist for over 25 years which has almost totally dissapeared.*

C. Galardi

Just using for a month and noticed improved circulation in my penis.*

M. Needleman

I have used SerraRX 80 and, SerracorNK, Vitamin D and and Vitamin E 3 times daily since 2 weeks. The results are super. The scartissue gets softer from day to day. Even the scar on my penis starts to disappear. I have a mild peyronies case. This product is worth every penny and i will continue using these products!!*

S. Seidlitz

I have had Peyronies for the past 6 years. The only treatment offered to me has been Vit E or under the knife, ( At a large cost).So gave Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 a try. Have seen good results with both the bend and thickness. The bend is less pronunced and has thickened back up to pre Peyronies. Thank you. Will keep using untill back to normal.*

S. Hey

I have had Peyronies Disease (bent penis) for over a year and have been using Searra RX and Serracor-NK for approx 3 months now and have seen good improvement in my penis straightening. I will continue using these supplements and would recommend these 2 products to others.*

Regards, Peter

I was suffering from peyronies disease and it cleared that up 100% and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol! Oh yes and a scar I have had on my forehead since I was 10 and painful if touched has gone!*

R. Hall

I have suffered with Peyronies Disease for almost a year and a half now and while nothing has seemed to really "cure me", through the use of the Serracor-NK product, my doctor and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my condition; a softening of the damaged tissue as well as the seeming ability for the said tissue to "reshape" during VED therapy. Needless to say, I am sold and wouldn't even consider continuing with my rehabilitation without the Serracor-NK product.*

Nik F.

Used Serracor for 30 days, has completely relieved the pain from my peyronie's. Very happy with results thus far.*

A. Hart

My husband started using this product for a curvature in his penis they said may be peyronies. Within a week the curve was begining to straighten! His blood supply was returning, and no side effects were seen!! We have been very happy that we found this product as the doctor was saying he
would need surgury or ultra sound to break up the scar tissue.*

Thanks Mark and Alexis

I have been taking 3 capsules daily for 4 months and have a noticeable improvement in my Peyronies Disease. I have used similar products with no results. Thank you!*

C. Duren

I just wanted to let you guys know that your product Serracor-NK used in conjunction with a great Vitamin E from Texas did the trick. My peyronies is 90% gone after less than a year on your product. Thank you so very much. I will continue using both products forever.*

I have been using Serracor for approximately 45 days plus for moderately severe peyronie's disease. Physician's reommendation was vitamin E and live with it. I have already experienced significant reduction in placques, increse in girth and length. I am looking forward to completing the 6 month period as recommended.*

Jack T., Spring Texas

 I've been diagnosed with peyronies disease about a year and a half ago. I just started taking the fibrosis and scar tissue bundle that was recommended for a mild to severe case of peyronies. It's been two months now and I've noticed significant changes to both the appearance, curvature, and pain of this horrible problem. Thank you do much for an excellent product. I look forward to continuing this treatment and sharing my success with others with peyronies. Trust me, it's working*


* - Testimonials are individual results. Your results may vary.