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How Inflammation Can Affect Various Parts Of Your Body

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Inflammation is a broad topic and can be associated with a myriad of diseases and conditions. Inflammation in itself is not bad, it is the body’s healing immune response. According to Medical News Today without inflammation our wounds would not heal and any damaged tissue would never be repaired. Our bodies need inflammation to survive.

However, sometimes inflammation becomes too intense. The immune system can mistake healthy tissue for damaged tissue and cause it to scar. Chronic inflammation can cause lasting pain and detrimental scarring to vital organs such as the lungs and heart.

Hidden Inflammation

When you cut your finger or sprain your ankle you know you are experiencing inflammation. Dr. Mark Hyman points out in a Huffington Post article that there are also all kinds of hidden inflammation in your body. This is the inflammation that can eventually cause a whole collection of devastating diseases including diabetes, chronic heart disease, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, stroke, arthritis and more. In fact the root cause of most disease is inflammation. Unfortunately most clinical treatments for diseases address the symptoms rather than the root causes. Medication can go a long way to help manage a disease or improve quality of life, but often it does not make the problem go away. Addressing inflammation can get to the root cause of the disease and potentially eliminate it.


Inflammation is caused by a few factors. Diet can be one of the most significant factors causing inflammation. Undiagnosed allergies such as gluten or diary intolerance can cause inflammation. Highly processed foods and excessive refined sugar can lead to inflammation. Stress can also result in inflammation. Environmental factors such as toxins, molds and environmental allergies will flare up inflammation.

Reducing Inflammation

Fortunately the factors that cause inflammation can be addressed with lifestyle changes. Find ways to fight excessive stress. Exercise, meditation, yoga and relaxation practices can all help reduce stress and fight inflammation. Eliminate processed foods from your diet and introduce the good bacteria found in probiotics. Find out if you have any food allergies and remove them from your diet.

Supplements can also help you naturally reduce inflammation in your body. Medical News Today informs that turmeric is currently undergoing research regarding its ability to treat arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. It has long been considered an anti-inflammatory. Serrapeptase is a systemic enzyme that can fight scar tissue. When the immune system attacks the lungs, causing pulmonary fibrosis or arteries, causing arteriosclerosis, this enzyme can help fight the production of scar tissue and remove existing scar tissue. This can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Healthy fats like Omega-3 can also work to eliminate inflammation.

Making Changes

Inflammation can affect almost every part of the body. It can cause pain in muscles and joints, irritation on the skin, the development of scar tissue, gastrointestinal issues and ultimately a whole host of diseases. Inflammation that goes unchecked can even result in deadly lung and heart disease.

Inflammation can go unnoticed and often doesn’t show indications such as pain and irritation until after the initial damage is done. Fight inflammation by making healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Eat well. Healthy fats, whole grains high in fiber, fruits and vegetables are all excellent choices for fighting and preventing inflammation.
  • Exercise. This goes a long way towards promoting healthy body function, reducing stress and helping you feel well.
  • Remove. Remove environmental allergens as well as allergens found in your diet.
  • Supplement. Supplements provide healthy immune support without the risk of side effects that many clinical medications have. Supplement your diet to promote healthy immune function and to fight and prevent inflammation.

  • Were you aware that inflammation can affect so many parts of your body? What changes will you make to fight inflammation?

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