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The Benefits of SeroVital - Biomedic Labs Rx LLC
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The Benefits of SeroVital

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Have you ever wondered if there was a secret weapon against aging? Something that would fight sagging skin, decreasing energy levels, brittle bones, weakness and poor sleep quality? It exists! SeroVital is a safe oral formula that encourages your body’s natural processes to help you stave off aging and stay young.

What is HGH?

When we are growing children, Human Growth Hormone or HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland to facilitate growth and other healthy body functions. After we stop growing, HGH production drops off significantly. It has been suspected that increasing the levels of HGH in the body will help it return to a more youthful state. However, due to uncertainty about the safety of HGH the FDA has not approved the use of HGH for uses beyond treating very specific diseases such as pituitary gland disorders. Expensive prescriptions for HGH injections are often obtained by celebrities and athletes, but the unknown harmful side effects of introducing foreign Human Growth Hormone into the body could significantly outweigh the benefits.

How Does SeroVital Work?

This is where SeroVital is different from other HGH treatments. SeroVital is a blend of amino acids that encourages the pituitary glad to increase HGH production. Rather than add foreign HGH into the body, SeroVital uses natural process to safely increase your own HGH production and distribution throughout the body.

The Proof

An article in Shape Magazine discusses a study performed in 2012 that found, “Both male and female patients given a special blend of amino acids saw a mean increase of more than six times the levels of HGH they started with at the beginning of the study.This study was presented at the Obesity Society’s 30th Annual Scientific Meeting and provides clinical proof that SeroVital-HGH can naturally encourage your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone.

How does SeroVital help you look and feel younger?

Firmer Skin

SeroVital encourages healthy blood flow and collagen production which helps your skin look and feel firmer. It can ward off wrinkles and produce strong skin that is not damaged as easily and feels much younger.

Reducing Fat

SeroVital can actually help shrink fat cells. Human Growth Hormone works throughout the body to regulate fat storage and can help you look thinner and younger.

Muscle Tone

Increasing Human Growth Hormone can stimulate lean muscle tone giving your body a tight, well toned look. While athletes often use expensive injections to improve muscle tone, SeroVital safely uses your body’s natural processes to help you look fit.

Increased Energy

Youthful HGH simply helps you feel better. It can improve your mood and give you energy to keep up with a younger crowd. It can even improve your sex drive.


As people age the quality of their sleep often diminishes. This reduces energy and makes people feel drowsy during the day time. SeroVital can work to give you better quality sleep at night. Comfortable sleep can help reduce stress and help you feel more productive and energetic during the day.

Try It Out

If you have been curious about the age reversing effects of HGH, but have been avoiding the high cost or harmful side effects, SeroVital is the perfect opportunity to find out how HGH can help you. SeroVital is safe because it doesn’t not introduce foreign HGH into your body, reducing risk of dependency and side effects. SeroVital is much more affordable and easier to obtain than an expensive prescription for HGH injections.

The benefits of SeroVital are boundless and looking and feeling younger are certainly worth a try. Have you been searching for the fountain of youth? Could SeroVital be the answer?

Image: “Fountain of Eternal Youth” by Carlo Err

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