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I am suffering an accute inflammatory response to some injections that I had done 3 years ago. Only prednisone had been able to keep the inflammation under control until now.... My whole body has changed and actually reversed the horrible side effects of prednisone and in less than 1 week, I have virtually NO inflammation and I was on the verge of being hospitalized again when I ordered the Serra RX. For me, after researching the benefits, it seemed like a logical alternative and I'm so happy I gave it a try! I think this could benefit others with more serious inflammatory issues, and I wish I could help others by this testimonial... Good Luck to you and Good Health =) *

M. Suarez

What is Inflammation?

inflammation1.jpgInflammation is a defense reaction caused by tissue damage or injury, characterized by redness, heat, swelling, and pain. The primary objective of inflammation is to localize and eradicate the irritant and repair the surrounding tissue. For the survival of the host, inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process. The inflammatory response involves three major stages: first, dilation of capillaries to increase blood flow; second, microvascular structural changes and escape of plasma proteins from the bloodstream; and third, leukocyte transmigration through endothelium and accumulation at the site of injury.

The leukocyte adhesion cascade is a sequence of adhesion and activation events that ends with extravasation of the leukocyte, whereby the cell exerts its effects on the inflamed site. At least five steps of the adhesion cascade are capture, rolling, slow rolling, firm adhesion, and transmigration. Each of these five steps appears to be necessary for effective leukocyte recruitment, because blocking any of the five can severely reduce leukocyte accumulation in the tissue. These steps are not phases of inflammation, but represent the sequence of events from the perspective of each leukocyte. At any given moment, capture, rolling, slow rolling, firm adhesion and transmigration all happen in parallel, involving different leukocytes in the same microvessels.

The roles of adhesion molecules in acute and chronic inflammation have been investigated using in vitro model systems and in vivo microcirculation studies. The ultimate goal of inflammation research is to develop methods to control inflammation by modulating or blocking leukocyte adhesion to the endothelium. These ideas developed by basic research contribute to contemporary research projects developing anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory agents function as blockers, suppressors, or modulators of the inflammatory response.


Unlike many of these drugs or NSAIDS(ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol etc), systemic enzymes offer an alternative method to controlling inflammation in the body without the harmful side effects. 

Systemic enzymes have been around for over 50 years and their role in the reduction of inflammation is well-known all over the world. According to Drs. DA Lopez, RM Williams, and M Miehlke, authors of Enzymes: The Foundation of Life, enzyme therapy can be used effectively in a number of inflammatory conditions. 

Systemic enzymes go after the causes of pain which are the circulating immune complexes in the body and break them down so they no longer cause pain, rather than just suppressing the feeling of pain. 



Serrapeptase supports healthy inflammatory response by reducing metabolic inflammation, usually an asymptomatic inflammatory process in response to stress, improper nutrition and other environmental issues. 

Serrapeptase also has the unique ability to digest non-living tissue that is a by-product of the healing response without harming living tissue. Fibrin is a tough protein arranged in long fibrous chains.  It is formed from fibrinogen, a soluble protein produced by the liver and found in blood plasma.  Fibrin tends to form circulating complexes that create barriers against the absorption of healing nutrients in and around areas of inflammation. 

Serracor-NK, which combines a blend of two of the strongest proteolytic enzymes on the market today, promotes healthy levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammation marker and serious risk factor for inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Serracor-NK offers a natural and effective way to treat inflammation.

Serra RX80, offers the highest quality serrapeptase available on the market that supports the bodys response to inflammation, healthy fibrin levels and healing processes. 

Combining Serracor-NK and Serra Rx80 are the best natural defenses against inflammation and pain.  Backed by 10 YEARS of consumer RESULTS and SATISFACTION we GUARANTEE you won't find a better combination to fight PAIN and INFLAMMATION. 


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Serracor-NK(150 Cap)+Serrax80(90 Cap) Sale $124.98
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Scar Tissue Bundles- Includes 2 of our Inflammation & Scar Tissue Products. First, it contains Serracor-NK and Serra RX80, our staple products that will dissolve scar tissue in the body, eliminate inflammation, and help support healthy fibrin levels.