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Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Treatment | Remove Scar Tissue | Serra RX80 | Serracor-NK
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Lung & Respiratory Health

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What is Pulmonary Fibrosis? And How Our Proven Products Can Help....

Pulmonary Fibrosis is a condition that is more common than you may believe. With a variety of causes and sometimes dismal outcomes, this disorder is literally “lung scarring.” Scar tissue, once present in the lungs, is said to be impossible to remove and can be very difficult to prevent without the proper enzymes that are necessary for healing. As we age, the body’s ability to produce these enzymes decreases dramatically and thus our risk for built up scar tissue steadily increases with time.

Scarring of the lungs can be brought about through chronic inflammatory conditions such as sarcoidosis and Wegener’s granulomatosis, as well as various infections, radiation exposure to the chest cavity, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and environmental causes such as asbestos, silica, and a condition known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by inhaling contaminated dust particles.

Most cases of pulmonary fibrosis, such as nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis (NSIP), are treatable or preventable through immune suppressive therapy. There are some cases, however, which lack a discernible source. These cases of pulmonary fibrosis are medical mysteries as they do not seem to come from anywhere and they do not seem to go anywhere. Unresponsive to most treatment or therapy, this branch, called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), can become fatal to its carriers.

The disease varies from person to person. For some, the disease progresses slowly and gradually over months or years while for others there is a rapid progression. For others, it may stabilize for a period of time. The course is generally unpredictable.


Indicators and Diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis...

As pulmonary fibrosis roots itself deeper into your lungs, you will find a diminishing ability to breathe, especially with exertion. The presence of scar tissue in the lungs presents interference with full air capacity as well as a decreased ability to expand, all lending to shortness of breath. It is not uncommon for patients with this condition to also have crackling sounds in a stethoscope when they breathe.

Once you or your doctor is convinced that this condition may be the cause of your breathing problems, your doctor will perform a CAT scan, a lung function test, and/or a lung biopsy. CAT scans and lung function testing usually show abnormalities, if they exist, for patients with pulmonary fibrosis. However, sometimes invasive surgery through a lung biopsy is needed. This diagnosis process is used to extract samples of the problem lung to be examined and tested for scar tissue.

The Usual Treatments...

With idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, doctor’s call most cases not treatable, not preventable, and unpredictable. Different variations take drastically different paths but for the most part they are generally associated with a history of smoking. IPF is difficult to diagnose because it is so varied and the causes are unknown.

Many other forms of fibrosis are responsive to immune suppressants due to the immune system having a large role in scarring and inflammation. However, these treatments rarely catch IPF and can have a high toxicity level as well as other serious side effects. On top of these suppressants, patients are often required to take supplemental oxygen and blood thinning therapy due to the decreased levels of oxygen caused by the lung’s scar tissue and tendency for clots.

Most modern medicine aims to treat the effects of scar tissue. Rarely does it treat the source.

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   View Our Guaranteed Solutions Our Solutions Are Different! Eat Away Pulmonary Fibrosis Scar Tissue*

“Untreatable,” “Permanent,” and “High Toxicity” are words that we do not accept at Biomedic Labs. Through extensive research and ingenuity, we offer a solution that is beginning to become the forefront of fibrosis treatments. With increased knowledge of enzymes and their function within the human body, we have learned that the reason scar tissue builds is because the enzymes are not being produced in enough quantity. By dissolving scar tissue, enzymes are vital to the body’s health, and when they are few in number, our repair systems are out of balance, and the body produces an overabundance of fibrin. This fibrin is layered onto any injury that may occur, including an injury in the lung, creating excess scarring and a developing danger for the patient.

Through this awareness, physicians like Dr. James Howenstine, Dr. Nick P. Trifelos & many others in  the US have discovered that scar tissue can literally be eaten away by replacing lost enzymes.  Dr. James Howenstine, a board certified specialist in internal medicine, states" pulmonary fibrosis has progressive scarring and an inflammatory reaction in the alveoli, therapy with systemic enzymes that digest fibrotic tissue and block the inflammatory reaction should be a safe rational approach."  By controlling the dosage of enzymes, we can control the amount of scar tissue that is removed, and by using a combatant that the body naturally produces, we can safely reduce both the symptoms and the source of pulmonary fibrosis without harming the patient or producing any dangerous side effects.

"I have been taking Serra Rx and Serracor NK, and Clear Lung for just about a year now. I have not had a single lung infection where as, prior to being on this regiment, I was experiencing infections every 3-4 months.*

I have less chest congestion and mucous, and more energy! I will continue to use these products as they have made a very positive impact on my quality of life! Thank you!"* Nancy K.

"Excellent products! After 24 months of using Serracor-NK and Serra Rx my IPF has remained stable!! My respiratory specialist thinks I should have been dead about 21 months ago, he's a bit upset.*

Today he's alive and well and has never been on oxygen since taking these products. We thank God everyday that we were led to Biomedic's website.* Vickie Beson

These products (Serracor-NK & Serra RX80) help my husband to be able to breath better and cuts down on his coughing. We've had wonderful results with it. *

This product helps (Serra RX 80) my husband to be able to breath better and cuts down on his coughing. We've had wonderful results with it.* Joanne Lee

"Over 11 Years Our Products have been Often Imitated, but Never Duplicated!" ~CEO of Biomedic Labs


This enzyme enhancement, called Serracor-NK supports healthy lungs by:

  • Acting as a cellular detoxifier to remove toxins in lung cells.*
  • Boosting your body’s natural immune system response.*
  • Promotes & Supports Healthy Lung Function
  • Improving lung function and lung flexibility.*
  • Promotes Healthy Deep breathing


A proprietary combination of enterically coated serrapeptase, nattokinase is formulated to dissolve unnecessary fibrin by locking onto it and breaking it down into waste which are then released from the body.  Without this fibrin blocking the lungs, your body is able to reach the harmed portions and begin its natural healing process. The proteases (protein digesting-enzymes) in Serracor-NK® supports normal fibrin levels, blood viscosity, overall blood circulation and healthy inflammation responses for Pulmonary Fibrosis patients.


A highly concentrated form of serrapeptase, works synergistically with Serracor-NK to support healthy lung tissue & promote health lungs. Unlike other serrapeptases on the market, Serra RX80 uses a unique manufacturing process called BPPS Technology that allows for greater enzyme stability and absorption and bio-availability. Serra RX80 addresses the inflammation, excessive mucus in the respiratory and sinus systems and fibrin build-up. When combined with Serracor-NK, the scar tissue and fibrosis of the lungs are dissolved quicker and more effectively than those only on a single product.*


An amino acid, recommended by most doctors, helps support healthy lung tissue & overall lung health, N-Acetyl RX replenishes intracellular levels of the natural antioxidant glutathione (GSH), helping to restore cells’ ability to fight damage from reactive oxygen species (ROS). N-Acetyl Cysteine is highly popular among experienced pulmonary specialist. Therefore we offer N-Acetyl Rx in our bundles and highly recommend it as a daily treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.


Offered for those that have mucus build up and congestion. Clear Lungs is a unique blend of Chinese herbs that helps maintain free breathing, keep airways open and mucus levels normal which will help with 99% of the mucus in the lungs along with the bacteria that mucous causes. Clear Lungs Extra Strength contains a natural homeopathic decongestant formula, coupled with 13 perfectly balanced herbal ingredients designed to help keep airways free of phlegm and mucus, while supporting clear lungs and free breathing. Clear Lungs is based on a traditional Chinese formula that has been used for many years, and has been the #1 natural lung health product in the United States since at least 1998.


‘Cholecalciferol’ 5,000 IU’s, has been shown in many studies to support healthy lungs in a variety of ways. Studies show that supplementing 5,000 IU’s daily can support healthy lung tissue and aids in the repair of damaged connective tissues in the lungs.

Because pulmonary fibrosis is a condition present in many patients for long periods of time, the time it takes for this process to rebuild the lungs’ strength and functionality is varied. Patients using these products should use the dosage chart and expect to be on treatments for 4-12 months. However, most of our patients report having noticeable increase in lung functionality within 30-60 days of their first two treatments. The results achieved are truly life altering!

"With over 11 years of results we have had so much success in people using these products for this condition, so please stay encouraged and don't give up despite what you've been told by your physician."      
~CEO of Biomedic Labs

View Our Solutions

5-Star Ultimate Lung Support Bundles 30-Day Supply for 3-5 Signature Products Starting at only $234.97

  • Dissolves Fibrin & Scar Tissue in Lungs*
  • Supports Immune system & Inflammation in the body*
  • Increase Energy Levels & Appetite*
  • Decreased Coughing, Tightness in Chest & Shortness of Breath*
  • Increased Blood Oxygen Levels*
  • Herbal Formulation of Clear Lungs helps Lessen Phlegm & Mucous*
  • Vitamin D Assists in the Repair of Damaged Lung tissue*
  • N-Acetyl RX Aids in Healthy Lung Tissue & Circulation *
    ( Recommended by Doctors )
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Pulmonary Fibrosis Starter Bundles 2-Week Supply for Therapeutic Dosages Starting at only $144.98

  • Dissolves Fibrin & Scar Tissue in Lungs*
  • Supports Immune system & Inflammation in the body
  • Increase Energy Levels & Appetite*
  • Decreased Coughing, Tightness in Chest & Shortness of Breath*
  • Increased Blood Oxygen Levels*
  • Herbal Formulation of Clear Lungs helps Lessen Phlegm & Mucous*
  • Vitamin D Assists in the Repair of Damaged Lung tissue*
  • N-Acetyl RX Aids in Healthy Lung Tissue & Circulation *
    ( Recommended by Doctors )
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Pulmonary Scar Tissue Bundles 15-30 DAY Supply* for Therapeutic Dosages Starting at only $124.98 * Depending on Size Selection

  • Dissolves Fibrin & Scar Tissue in Lungs*
  • Supports Immune system & Inflammation in the body*
  • Increase Energy Levels & Appetite*
  • Decreased Coughing, Tightness in Chest & Shortness of Breath*
  • Increased Blood Oxygen Levels*
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