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  • I have been taking Serracor NK for about 3 years now. It has definetly slowed the advance of the fibrosis growth on my lungs. I was diagnosed with Indeopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis about 4 years ago. I atribute this success to the effectiveness of Serracor in keeping the advancement of my condition in check. I am still able to do the 6 min walk succesfully, my oxygen saturation is 98% and I am not on oxygen.~*Testimonials are Individual Results. Your results may vary.
  • At the beginning of 2012 my father went into hospital for some tests due to phneumonia and we were given a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. We were very shocked my father is only 67 years old. After a few attempts with steriods and also another medication given to cancer patients we were told to take him home and make him comfortable there was nothing they could do. I had already discovered the medications at biomedic labs and had purchased a pulmonary fibrosis bundle, we showed them to the specialist and he was happy to start him on them straight away. That was in March it is now November and my father does not use any oxygen...~*Testimonials are Individual Results. Your results may vary.
  • My husband has been taking for scar tissue build up in his penis and the results has been amazing! The bend and erectile dystrophy has all but disappeared.~*Testimonials are Individual Results. Your results may vary.
  • I have started using the 3 recommended products for PD and after 3 weeks have noticed less pain and also much less curvature. The biggest surprise .... the vericose veins in my legs have dramatically decreased in size by 75% or more. Thank you for these products.~*Testimonials are Individual Results. Your results may vary.

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